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OCS can achieve high lift blondes, cover the most resistant grays & give you the POP of fashion colors you want.

The evidence is clear , OCS ROCKS ! Mary mixes to create perfection ....jpg
Fresh cut By Sadie #pureorganicssalon #organicsalon #fresh
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Princess Braid


Full Colour 

Anyone looking for all over colour root to end.

Beautiful shine root to end


Root Colour Retouch

A guest who has less than 2 inches of root regrowth.

Grays will be covered


Full Head  Highlight 

Any looking to be overall lighter 

You will walk out lighter all over

Starts at $132

Partial Head Highlight 

Anyone looking for Dimension 

This will be ear forward lighter hair 

Starts at $90

Crown highlight or Face frame

Anyone looking to lighten up around hairline 

Walk out lighter around ears and part

Starts at $78


Anyone who needs to be toned in-between highlight sessions.

Walk out with all over glaze & shine

Starting at $30

Colour melt / root tap / smudge

Anyone looking to mute out the highlight at the root adding depth to root.



Anyone who wants low maintenance and or "lived in" look 

Softer root 

Starts at $132

Corrective Colour

This appointment will require a consultation with one of our stylist before scheduling a service appointment 

price is based upon consultation

OCS use the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and the minimum amount of chemicals.
To achieve great colour you don’t need lots of harsh chemicals that damage the hair. Hair responds best to natural ingredients.
Our higher-performing products use the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients with the absolute minimum of chemicals for naturally healthier hair with longer-lasting colour.

Colour services : Services
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